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Wisps of Cloud | Wisps of Snow | Wisps of Wisdom

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The 3rd novel in our Ancient Ancestors series is coming. It is set in Inca times when Meztli is resued from a site where she was about to be sacrificed to the gods.

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 It is due for release in 1st November 2015

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Remote Places


Jana Adrift

Jana and Kelsie along with artist Rowan and an elderly couple, Hank and Denise are passengers on a container ship Konstellation on a three month Pacific Ocean cruise. Terrorists attack the ship and strip it. The five hide and later make it to an atoll. Problems arise when they attempt to live together. A month later a boat arrives but it is from North Korea. How does Jana cope?  $2.99 Smashwords

Broken Silence

Before his death, Ivan Biermann tells his granddaughter Kim about his arrival in New Zealand as a pilot from a German raider in the last days of World War Two. Mysterious containers were unloaded in Fiordland before his ship was sunk. Even after sixty-five years, danger still lurks for Kim as terrorists are also interested in finding Ivan’s secrets and will stop at nothing to obtain them. $2.99 Smashwords

Behind the Fire

Behind the Fire is an exciting romantic adventure set in the exotic outback of New South Wales, Australia. Teenagers Abbey and Cooper are in their final year at high school, both have problems they are trying to escape from, and run away together. Faced with bushfire, criminals on the run, and possible murder charges, will they even survive? $2.99 Smashwords

Eagle’s Claw Lake

In the remote Eagle’s Claw Lake, Reid and Kate use their amphibian aeroplane to help Lorie escape from a commune led by a fanatical leader, Peter Littlejohn.  But that is just the beginning of the terror as the truth about the commune is revealed and they desperately try to get help. Why has Erika, Lorie’s elder sister, returned and is found savagely beaten in the commune’s cabin cruiser? Free Smashwords



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