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Our four top selling novels over the last month were all real-to-life novels (historical or contemporary).  Remember we write science fiction, too.

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Wisps of Cloud



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Does fate bring Greg and Shontel together on a decommissioned Russian nuclear submarine with acid air on the surface of a future Earth? Aboard is Nedda, an advanced living-species who metamorphoses into a human with extra abilities. Also, who is Lilad, a human from a cave village with no children? Why is Nedda attacked and will evil forces stop them from finding the truth and returning home?

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Travis Crichton and Jacey Roden’s weekend orienteering contest in a vintage Mark 4 Jaguar car becomes a journey through a belt of fog and into a strange village called The Valley that is not shown on any map. The people there appear to be living in the 1950s, a time when the car was new. Jacey realises that this is more than random misfortune and that they are caught up in something more sinister.

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Terra is a divided world with its history classified. After receiving and ancient script, Zorell and her companions set out and find a secret base containing a hovercraft left by their ancestors. With help from intelligent bees they set out on adventures and problems. Not one but two worlds are changed for ever by their discoveries and fortitude. But is it too late to save humanity?

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In this sequel to The Truth About Terra, Zorell, Evan and Anneke are pulled through to an unknown world in their hovercraft. Enter a world where the line between computers and humanity is blurred, electronic butterflies compete with intelligent bees and the way home to Terra seems to be all but impossible.

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School Dramas



Blemished Jewel Smashwords and all the other top ebook retailers.

Gail Fernhill, principal of Queen Anne’s Girls’ School in Dunedin, New Zealand is haunted by her past but befriends property manager Neil Goodall. He pierces her reserve and discovers that as a teenager, she killed her abusive father in self-defence. The case is reopened after the discovery of her father’s rifle. An undercover police officer and new teacher at the school, Tania Brogan is directed to find evidence.

Wind Across the Playground Smashwords  and all the other top ebook retailers.

Neil Overworth arrives to take charge of a two teacher rural school in the South Island of New Zealand with his partner, liberated Lisa. She is one of the five women who has a profound affect on his life through the next quarter a century. There are tragedies along the way, changing attitudes and the profound love that keeps him going through good times and bad.

Wisps of Cloud (Bk 1 in Trilogy) Smashwords  and all the other top ebook retailers.

After leaving a city school, Karla moves to become a principal of a remote country school where her partner has a farm. Tensions arise in the district with a marijuana plantation discovered near the farm and a local bikie gang being suspected as the growers. However, nothing is as it first seems, potential enemies become friends and the trusted, untrustworthy.

Wisps of Snow (Bk 2 in Trilogy) Smashwords  and all the other top ebook retailers.

Karla Spicer is called in to help as a Change Principal at Tuckett Area School in a remote New Zealand district. This school takes pupils from Year I to 13 but has a falling roll, an apathetic principal, Don Trow and a divided board of trustees. Karla finds that the school is in debt because Trow is faking accounts and is betting on a Russian casino. However, they want more than their money

Wisps of Summer (Bk 3 in Trilogy)

Our third novel in this trilogy is now being written. Karla becomes principal of a large junior high school in Auckland, New Zealand.

Wisps Trilogy – 2 of 3 novels available


Wisps of Cloud | Wisps of Snow



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