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Wisps of Cloud | Wisps of Snow | Wisps of Wisdom | Acid Air | Embrace the Fog

Our Fantasy Trilogy


Novel 1

Emerald Eyes Destiny

Cindy Meikin, has a strange experience that puts her in contact with Sylvia, a girl her own age from another world. After taking Sylvia home she discovers that her mother, Natasha and herself came from this world and not from Eastern Europe as she had always been told.

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Novel 2

Emerald Eyes Mist

In non-magical Earth it is Christmas and Cindy and Sylvia are skating on a lake in Washington State . A strange mist swirls in and a little bird arrives with a message on his leg asking for help. They travel through a magical void to another world and find Muftin, the bird, can speak. Gikre a dwarf, is with Tulco, a girl with emerald eyes like their own. She is caught in a bear trap set by human invaders trying to catch them.

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Novel 3

Emerald Eyes Pyramid

In this third adventure, the Emerald Eyes wizards and talking birds find themselves in a land a millennium back in time. Xentrix the dragon is with them and they rescue a flying girl about to be sacrificed on a pyre in front of a pyramid.

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High Adventure!


Eagle’s Claw Lake | Long Valley Road | Catalyst | Like Twigs in a Storm

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Wisps of Cloud | Wisps of Snow | Wisps of Wisdom |The Truth About Terra | Embrace the Fog | Acid Air | Broken Silence | Shadows Behind|

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