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Our Ancient Ancestors series. Travel back through the years to read how our ancestors lived.

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Astrid’s Coast Excerpt


Thirty kilometres off the coast of New Zealand, HMNZS Wanaka received the first report of the earthquake. A few moments later a satellite picked up the first indication that a tsunami had been triggered. It was already three meters high and running directly towards the New Zealand coast.

“It’s picking up speed, Sir,” one of the crewmen reported without taking his eyes off a monitor on the console. “ETA is eight minutes.”

“We have it on radar, Sir,” another crewmember said.

Lieutenant Doug McClay grunted. It would have to be close to fifteen metres in height and within twenty-five kilometres for their own equipment to pick it up. It was coming in faster than the computer predictions from the satellite. He was a professional, though, and didn’t hesitate.

A siren sounded and his voice echoed through out the boat “Now hear this. Code Red Tsunami Alert. All crew are to report to their emergency stations in full safety attire. Material condition yoke…”

Other orders were issued. There was a sound of feet as the crewmembers out on deck or off duty responded. Executive Officer Kim Hesterwood stood and left the bridge. It was her responsibility to see all crewmembers were accounted for and the vessel made secure. Within seconds every crewmember was inside and the exterior hatches closed. A wave could now crash over the patrol boat without any water getting inside.

“ETA, four minutes, Sir.” the original crewman reported. “She’ll be close to fifteen metres high and over twenty kilometres wide.”

“Satellite reports two smaller waves half a kilometre astern the main one, Sir.”

“Turn into the sea,” McClay ordered.  “Get ready for maximum power on my order.” The pilot nodded. This manoeuvre had been practiced many times.

“Visual sighting, Sir.”

McClay stared out over the bow. The incoming tsunami heading directly towards them appeared as dirty brown wall. “Full power, Clive,” he ordered.

The pilot nodded and he pushed the twin throttles forward. With a howl, the diesel engines responded, the bow lifted and wake surged out behind the accelerating craft.

Orders were crisp and responses immediate as the hissing wave and patrol boat headed for each other at a speed in excess of two hundred kilometres an hour.


Kim screwed the last hatch tight and was about to step back down the small steel ladder when she felt the boat increase power. She gripped a handhold and only had time to catch the eyes of a crewman beneath her when the bow lifted. In the confined interior the roar of the engines and the shuddering steel, the executive officer could only hang on until the wave passed. Once they reached the crest, she knew the pilot would cut throttles and they would drop into the following trough, if there was one. The whole manoeuvre would be repeated for any subsequent waves. As long as they hit the tsunami head on they would be able to ride it out.

The engines screamed and bulkhead shuddered. Without warning an unexpected noise filled the companionway. It was a sort of rasping clunk followed by a screaming tearing noise. The patrol boat tilted to starboard in a violent move that flung Kim across the ladder and into a crossbeam. Stars crossed her vision.

She had no time to notice that blood poured down her face for more happened.  A mountain of white water hurtled down the companionway. The boat wobbled and continued to tilt. The water reached Kim’s companion and the man would have been swept away if she hadn’t grabbed him. Seconds later water swirled around the pair and rose in a torrent.

Thoughts rushed into Kim’s mind. Water had broken through and the Wanaka was sinking. There was no way back to the others. Above her was the hatch she’d only closed seconds before and below the terrified face of one of the youngest crewmembers. Water surged up to his armpits.  In seconds his head would be under.

“Seaman Jarred, there’s been a breach. We’re going out. Follow me!”

She reached up unscrewed the hatch and, expecting to meet a mountain of water, she pushed it. Two other hands grabbed the heavy hatch and helped push it up. Spray hit Kim’s face but she noticed a patch of sky.

Whether they had committed the other thirteen crewmembers to a watery grave in those dreadful seconds, Kim never knew.  She glanced back to see water shooting out of the hatch, not into it. At least using the hatch was vindicated. The whole lower decks must be flooded. She pulled herself up onto deck and helped the sailor behind her.

“Jump, Barry!” she screamed.

Barry Jarret did just that. The pair hit freezing water. Lifejackets kept their heads above water and the momentum carried them away from the Wanaka.

Kim blinked to remove salty water from her eyes and gasped.

She could see the Wanaka but not in any position it should be. Its stern was vertical with the propellers spinning in the air. The hull sort of groaned and the patrol boat slid beneath the following wave.


The ebook, Astrid’s Coast is available with our publisher  now.

Astrid’s Coast

astrid-1 In her final high school year , Astrid is not only a talent artist and painter but she also does research into the ocean around Hook Bay. Her conclusions after making her study are different from an official version but will anybody take any notice of her study?

Astrid’s Coast is now available as an ebook from the publisher, SnergeEbooks

Astrid’s Coast


When her mother dies after an accident, Astrid Stowell moves to the small New Zealand Coromandel Peninsular village of Hook Bay to live with her grandfather, Steve Barton. She has to cope with life in a new environment with old friends’ help and betrayal, a new school to attend for her final high school year and an early encounter with the forces of nature.

Steve’s love and guidance, as well as Astrid’s ability as an artist, helps her through difficult times. New friends enter her life, old ones return and her talent is encouraged by the local school principal. Her life now has a future.

That is until the tsunami builds up in the Pacific Ocean and heads south… directly towards Hook Bay.

Now Available

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Stretched Horizons

In New Zealand a commuter aeroplane crashes in thick bush country. The pilot is killed and British tourists, Jenny and Bree try to survive. However, all is not lost, for a tramper in the bush, Ray Barnett and his dog, Pattie find them. Police in England tell her estranged husband that Bree has been involved in an air crash and is missing. He flies out to New Zealand but his intentions are not those one would expect from a worried husband. Select your publisher for more information.

Behind the Fire

Behind the Fire is an exciting romantic adventure set in the exotic outback of New South Wales, Australia. Teenagers Abbey and Cooper are in their final year at high school, both have problems they are trying to escape from, and run away together. Faced with bushfire, criminals on the run, and possible murder charges, will they even survive? Select your publisher for more information.

Snow Bond

When the remote settlement of East Ridge in the South Island of New Zealand is isolated during a snowstorm, Renee and Tyler take in three travellers. Without electricity or mobile phone contact and with all the roads around closed, the five are completely cut off from the world. There, they begin to bond and help one another with problems in their lives. Select your publisher for more information.

Affinity and Trust

Zuzana Milenkova, rescued from a rebel militia group in war-torn Bosnia, finds herself alone after she emigrates to new Zealand. There are many obstacles to overcome, a new language to learn, different customs, and a new career, but she also has to come to terms with the horror of the past before she can move on and create a new future. Select your publisher for more information.

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Emerald Eyes Destiny

Teenager, Cindy Meikin has a strange experience that puts her in contact with Sylvia, a girl her own age from another world. After taking Sylvia home she discovers that her mother, Natasha and herself came from this world. The trio visit this war torn land through a void where Cindy finds that she is an Emerald Eye Wizard with strange magical powers that come to her without being called upon.  Select your publisher for more information.

Emerald Eyes Mist

When Cindy and Sylvia are ice skating, a strange mist carries in a little bird with a message on his leg. Through a magical void they meet Gikre, a dwarf who is with Tulco, a girl with emerald eyes like their own. She is caught in a bear trap set by human invaders trying to catch her. They help Tulco but must cope with strange mists; a white one helps them but a red one is a terrible enemy.  Select your publisher for more information.

Emerald Eyes Pyramid

In this 3rd adventure, the emerald eyes wizards are sent a millennium back in time. Xentrix the dragon is with them and they rescue a flying girl, Kondel who is about to be sacrificed by priests on a pyre in front of a pyramid. These priests are determined to eliminate all flying creatures from their land. Birds have already disappeared and Kondel is the last of her species left. But is she?  Select your publisher for more information.

Arising Magic

In the days of old, Kyla Kiro does not want to marry the evil Sir Edwin O’Hane. She persuades Shane Wynex the man she really loves to escape with her into the surrounding forest. She has friends there who can help, from Sliver a transman, half human and half tree to the forest dwarfs and talking birds. The prophecies from The Great Book of Everything That Will Be are about to be played out.  Select your publisher for more information.

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Time Ripple

Aari can save Earth by placing it in a time ripple. However, because of the space-time phenomena it may or may not happen. If it doesn’t, her world does not exist. But she is on Earth, now, with no memory of what has, or will happen. Can cosmologist, Nareen O’Grady help or is she too involved? Follow them through space-time with two Earths, carnivorous plants and hostile aliens.  Select your publisher for more information.

Time Genes

On Earth in our present time, Lara is involved in a road accident that leaves her as a quadriplegic. She is helped by going through a portal to Havenseed where technology not even discovered on Earth, is used to restore her to a normal life. But does it? Her time genes may allow carnivore plants and reptilian species destroy humanity throughout the known worlds of the 24th century.  Select your publisher for more information.

The Truth About Terra

Terra is a divided world with its history classified. After receiving and ancient script, Zorell and her companions set out and find a secret base containing a hovercraft left by their ancestors. With help from intelligent bees they set out on adventures and problems. Not one but two worlds are changed for ever by their discoveries and fortitude. But is it too late to save humanity?  Select your publisher for more information.

Terra Incognita

In this sequel to The Truth About Terra, Zorell, Evan and Anneke are pulled through to an unknown world in their hovercraft.  Enter a world where the line between computers and humanity is blurred, electronic butterflies compete with intelligent bees and the way home to Terra seems to be all but impossible.  Select your publisher for more information.

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In 1939 Poland, all teenage Countess Anna Vladisciuszko wanted was to lead an ordinary life but the world wouldn’t let her. Nazis hated her grandmother’s Jewish ancestry while after the war; communists hated the old aristocracy of pre-war Poland. This is a story of human endurance that reaches across the world from Europe to New Zealand through the second half of the twentieth century. Select your publisher for more information.


Jana and Kelsie along with artist Rowan and an elderly couple, Hank and Denise are passengers on a container ship Konstellation on a three month Pacific Ocean cruise. Terrorists attack the ship and strip it. The five hide and later make it to an atoll. Problems arise when they attempt to live together. A month later a boat arrives but it is from North Korea. How does Jana cope? Select your publisher for more information.


In 865AD, Vikings attack the female Bramingham Monastery in the Kingdom of Northumbria. The building is looted with everything of value taken by the pagans. Abbess Jane and senior nuns are slaughtered and the younger nuns abducted into slavery. Maiden Kendra, minding the monastery sheep on the top plateau during the attack survives. This is her story. Select your publisher for more information.


The third in our Ancient Ancestors series is set in 1530 AD Inca times. Meztli is rescued from a sacrificial site before she dies of exposure. This is the story about her life afterwards and how her friends and herself fight for justice from the conquistadors and evil priests of the times. Will their pyramid of gold be discovered by their enemies? Select your publisher for more information.