Generation 7 – A science fiction novel

On the planet of Delpe, eighty light years from Earth, 1300 human settlers, descended from a stranded starship crew, have been at war with the crucnon, the native intelligent species of insect creatures, for seven generations.

When a flying female named Jaddig Qarte crashes in human territory she is befriended by human, Holly Jurjevics, Generation 7 Leader. Holly finds the clicker (as humans call them) a compassionate creature with high moral values, not the ruthless killer expected.

Later, it is discovered that Jaddig is genetically related to Holly but how can this be so? And why has this information been suppressed by earlier human generations?

Who are the crucks, a new species who attack both the human settlement and the Crucnon? How will the humans survive after being squeezed between two enemies? Will the long lost Earth bases and shuttle craft, their one hope of leaving the planet, be found?

And what of Jaddig and the thousands of her hybrid species? Where do they belong?

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