Crystal Souls – Science Fiction

When Jasmin is caught in the terrorist attack on the London underground in 2005, her terrified thoughts help her, as do similar thoughts for Katherine in the year 1310, Trudie in 1874, Giselle in 1945 and Zarine in 2374. They are all awoken in 2341 as electrical charges contained within crystal balls. With Zarine’s knowledge and the base’s computer, they are given new physical bodies and find that they are identical in appearance.

They must find out about themselves and also ward off the Spunoid, a spider like intelligent species who are at war with humanoids in this world.

Why are they there and why did they all suffer a terrorising attack before arriving? And is their own future being controlled by something else in the vast universe that transcends time and space?

Ebook $US2.99

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