Omega Seed – Science Fiction

The search of a millennium is over. Computers aboard Intergalactic Starship Omega find a planet to sustain humanoid life. It is over populated, polluted and has one social problem; half the human population are males, well beyond that necessary.

However, the humanoids aboard cannot be kept alive for the estimated two hundred years required to find another solar system so the journey must end. Minor alterations are needed so the women understand English for a landing in Australia, the most unpolluted continent  there.

It is time to arouse Pazz

Alone, with only an armlet computer for company, Pazz lands in the West Australian desert. She catches the Indian Pacific Express for Sydney, three days journey away but catches the flu virus. With no immunity she becomes seriously ill and is taken off the train at Adelaide.

How does this affect Pazz, Kylina and her partner? Is Lunol rescued and how do the military on Earth react to having the alien humans in their midst?

Available at many sites @ $2.99

Smashwords, B&N, XinXii, Sony, Diesel, Lulu and Apple (Through iBookshop )

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