Glad You’re here.

So you finally got here. It’s about time. Here we are, spending hours trying to get everything set up and you finally decide you’ll grace us with your presence. Well, now you’re here, you’re better stay and find out about us. My name is Xentrix and I’m a dragon. Don’t ask me why I’m usually just a tiny dot in the sky. Now, wouldn’t you rather see a full sized dragon than a bunch of skinny humans with nothing better to do than swing their arms around?

You wouldn’t? Now listen here you snivelling little human these Emerald Eyes stories are not for a namby-pamby snotty nosed pale excuse of a human…

What’s that you say?

You aren’t…

Well, okay I believe you but if you’re one of those weak knee damsels in distress expecting some prince to gather you up on his white horse, this is the wrong place for you. Our gals are tough, I tell yah. They have to be if they want to ride on my back or fight off the horrible creepy creatures we’ve got between our pages.

The Emerald Eyes Wizards are gals, but if you think they’re big softies, you got that wrong too. Can’t you get anything right?

There’s a war on in our first story, pretty nasty one, I’d say. Of course, I haven’t arrived to help them yet so things look pretty bad, the castle is surrounded,  the archwizard is at his wits end and it’s winter. I told you it was tough, but oh no you don’t believe me. You humans can be so ignorant. The next thing you’ll believe is that trees are dumb things that just grow and birds don’t know how to talk.

You want to find our more?

Why didn’t you say instead of just letting me ramble on?  Lucky for you, Pal is that our November theme is about fantasy

Fantasy! What a laugh. We’re real Buddy so watch out for us. Look at the photo above to prove it. That’s Cindy riding on my back. No! No! It’s Sylvia.  Well it’s hard to tell humans apart, you know!

Tours in haste


(P.S. If you think I’m annoying, wait until you meet my big sister, Charmaine She’s … Opps, she’s coming; I’d better go. I wasn’t even meant to write this blurb.)

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