Wisps of Cloud

Yes, I am still plodding on with my new novel and have changed the name to Wisps of Fog to reflect the changed plot. I read somewhere that an ‘expert’ suggested that an author such as myself should spend 80% of his or her time promoting existing work and 20% on writing new works. Okay, I tried it with all sorted of promotions but used mainly my interest in designing pictures and covers.

Has it made any difference?

Possibly! I certainly have more friends on Facebook and more readers of my Twitter, Pinboard and this blog but actual sales of my novels… well perhaps a little but hardly worth that 80% of my time and effort mentioned earlier.

So, it is back to my new novel.

It is a contemporary one set in my own country of New Zealand and could be said to be in the tradition of Wind Across The Playground, Long Valley Road or Blemished Jewel. There may be less art  and promotional work forthcoming but more out of sight actual writing. Oh well, I’m doing what I love.

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