A Touch of History -Book 2


Scene:- After crashing in New Zealand bush in 1945 Ivan, a German pilot is found by a dog and led to a girl who had slipped down a bank.She was at the bottom of a three-metre slope, sitting on one leg with her other one out of sight. 

When Ivan found a way down and approached closer he noticed she was quite an attractive woman about his own age. She looked dishevelled with one leg caught under a slab of jagged rock

The woman stared at him. “You’re not local or even a Yank, are you?”

“No. Dutch from the Dutch East Indies. I’m in the local air force,” he lied. He wasn’t sure what to say next so just muttered his name.

“Hello Ivan,” she replied and held a small sun tanned hand out to him. “Sally Jarvis. Sorry I can’t stand to greet you. Patch, my dog,found you, I guess?”

Ivan grinned.  The rock was large but her ankle was wedged between two smaller rocks  It look swollen and was an ugly blue colour.

With a little heaving he rolled the larger rock away and pulled the left smaller one out to free her foot. Sally placed her hands on his shoulders and heaved herself up. She stood there on one leg and scrutinised him. For a second her face creased into a frown.

“If you’re Dutch in the Royal New Zealand Air Force,why does your flying jacket have Nazi symbols on it?”

Ivan shrugged. “It’s a long story but I had no intention to harm anybody.”


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