Blossoms inthe Wind – coming real soon.

BLOSSOMS IN THE WIND – Ross Richdale – Almost ready for publishing

Blossoms in the Wind is a romantic thriller centred around two families, the Suttons and the Knights who are linked when two senior high school students, Jeff Sutton and Ava Knight meet and are attracted to each other after Jeff transfers to a liberal co-educational high school rather than having his final year back at a conservative single sex school. Through them, their parents, Chloe Sutton and Adrian Knight meet.

Chloe is a victim of a dominating husband with the ongoing violence finally stopped when Jeff steps in after years of seeing his mother suffer. One evening he retaliates rather than continuing to ignore the latest outburst by his father when his fear of the older man turns to anger. David Sutton suddenly finds he is the victim rather than the perpetrator of a thrashing and is thrown out of the family home.

Adrian Knight is a widower after his wife died of cancer and has two children, seventeen-year-old Ava and son Logan who is twelve. When he meets Chloe she is separated from her husband and their friendship becomes more serious.

David Sutton’s true character begins to show when he perpetuates his violent streak against  his latest mistress, Nicole Wilks  while he seeks revenge against Chloe and Jeff.

Deanne, her date Ryan and Fluer, three of Ava and Jeff’s friends, find a party after an Easter school dance is more than just a get together when alcohol and drugs are brought to the Blue Waves Motel. Ava is awoken in the early hours of the morning after the dance by a distressed Deanne and with her father’s help, picks her up on a deserted road after she fled the motel. Meanwhile at the motel, a distressed Fluer seeks Ryan’s help to get her home. He can’t find Deanne so agrees to do that. Repercussions back at school follow the situation but the trio avoid punishment as they had already left after a police raid on the premises.

Chloe’s love for Adrian is complicated by her becoming pregnant. This affects Ava and Jeff’s relationship and the future of both families as they try to solve the situation. Will this drive the pair apart?

David Sutton goes missing and a police investigation find that he had numerous extramarrital affairs and violence towards his partners as well as shady business deals with the city’s criminals. A beachcomber on a remote beach discovers his body and a murder investigation is begun.

More problems complicate their lives with Nicole and Terri, two of David’s mistresses involved. One is befriended by Ava  and Jeff who help her through a stressful situation.

How do the lives of the two generations of the Sutton and Knight familes pan out? Also, what is the conclusion made about David Suttons’s death. Was he murdered or killed in self-defence by one of the women he violated. Only a court case against the woman who killed him will solve the final outcome.

This and other happenings over two years of the character’s lives are told in this exciting drama. Like blossoms in the wind, Ava, Jeff, their families and friends are blown around but pull together to challenge life to the fullest.


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