Australian Drama

Set in the exotic outback of New South Wales, Australia, teenagers Abbey and Cooper are in their final year at high school. With problems they’re both trying to escape from, they make the monumental decision to run away together. But instead of finding peace, answers and salvation, they’re faced instead with bushfire, criminals on the run and possible murder charges–if they can survive long enough to face them!

Brief Excerpt

A clump of grass began to smoke. The grass on the roadside was tinder dry; the temperature hovered over thirty degrees Celsius and a hot breeze blew. A puff of wind caught the clump and white smoke floated away. In its place a circle of orange flames began to expand outwards and grow.

The grass fire moved slowly forward in an ellipse until it reached the trees. The head reached the unburned fuel beneath the trees and within moments, high flames with thick black smoke bellowed up. To the sides there was less smoke but the heat was more intense. The wind rose and the flames moved forward, more undergrowth was ignited and bombardments of sparks moved ahead to land and ignite another section of the forest floor. Another New South Wales bushfire had begun.


How can Abbey and Cooper survive when a notorious Australian bush fire surrounds them?

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