Our romantic thriller is coming soon

Ellie Parkes and Wyatt Sigley meet when he rescues her from the ocean at the remote Greystone Beach on the southeastern coast of Wairarapa, a district in New Zealand’s North Island in a ferocious southern storm. However, due to a collapsed bridge  over a flooded river that also wrecks her car, Ellie agrees to stay at Wyatt’s homestead until she can get out.

Both of them come from dysfunctional marriages with Wyatt defending his divorced wife, Jennifer’s claim for half the value of the homestead that had been in his family for several generations. Ellie is a victim of a dominating husband, Jaxon with the ongoing violence who resents her successful position as a school principal at Thomas Road School. With Wyatt’s help, Ellie shifts out to an apartment in the centre of town. Jaxon attempts to find her and mistakenly thinks an apartment in a newly built apartment block is where she lives. Annette Patterson, a lawyer lives there when  a bomb is detonated in the building.  Annette survives but is hospitalised with burns.

Ellie meets and invites Annette to share her apartment until she can move back to another rebuilt apartment. They become friends and Annette accepts an invitation to accompany Wyatt and Ellie to Greystone Beach one weekend.

Trampers Scarlett, Nolan and Karson become involved in a conflict at McArthur’s hut with Jaxon and later meet up with Ellie and Wyatt to help each other.

They see Jaxon watching the homestead  where they staying and decide to leave using Wyatt’s utility vehicle to take a track through to the closest settlement.  Jaxon sets fire to the homestead but discovers they had left and were not trapped inside as he had planned. He follows them on his motorbike hell bend on shooting them on sight.

Will the increasingly schizophrenic Jaxon succeed in his murderous quest to assassinate them all or do they, with the help of police manage to escape his clutches?

All will be told in this romantic thriller as Ellie and Wyatt’s two lives become intertwined and friendliness and appreciation turns to love.

The draft copy is now finished and will be published soon.

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