Our latest contemporary novel

Lawyers, Alina and Jarin meet while participating in a white water rafting trip at an in-at the White Water Lodge. They survive being tossed from a raft and over a waterfall and manage to reach a bush hut just before a summer storm arrives. 

So begins this romantic thriller about their lives and those in the two Auckland law firms where they work. Silverstone Law where Alina works is an upmarket firm with a devious hidden agenda and corrupt leaders including Titan Silverstone.  Jarin, is the owner of a small law firm Boyd and Boyd inherited from his father,dealing with mainly family law clients

As they become closer, Alina tells Jarin about a previous Silverstone Law Christmas party where she along with other female colleagues had been drugged and sexually abused. Her selection to attend this in-service course was made to pacify her but she is still humiliated and angry about the incident. She is, however, bound by a contact to remain with Silverstone Law for two years and fears that to break this contract will ruin her law career.

Back in Auckland, Jarin tries to help Alina out of the contract but it is her father Stan, a retired police sergeant with knowledge about Titan Silverstone who unknown to Alina threatens to expose the man if he doesn’t release her from the contract.  Titan does this but vows vengeance against her for even trying to lay a complaint against him.

Alana resigns and joins Jarin at Boyd and Boyd to become a highly successful lawyer in family law with her mainly women clients. She also helps other women from her old firm to further antagonise Titan Silverstone.

Jarin and Alana research the practices of Silverstone Law and find it owns White Water Lodge and is under investigation by the police for illegal drug offences and the importation of young women to service a prostitution sham there. Alana and Jarin along with Doug McCann, a private detective set out to expose the firm and bring Titan and others responsible to justice.

Their findings led to a police raid on the lodge but danger and retaliation from the powerful Titan and Silverstone Law. In his eyes, if this slut of a girl thinks she can ruin his reputation and that of his firm she along and her new boyfriend would both suffer the consequences of meddling in his life.

Follow Alana and Jarin as their affection turns to love and their lives as lawyers at the newly named Watershed Law prosper.

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