Recent Science Fiction


To overcome intolerance, she’ll have to stay true to her history―and her heart.

Brittany spends her days fearing arrest from the humanz , who have banned the word dwarfs to describe themselves, and the IMPACT police force for something that seems like it shouldn’t matter: she’s too tall. On the planet of Sympia, Talls are discriminated against. When one day the IMPACT surrounds her building, Brittany’s only hope is to escape with another Sympian species, the spherical little silfs with the ability to fly.  The only escape route is up a chimney to the roof of  their ancient building.


In Infinity Drive Missions, all our old friends are back including Brittany, Zane and the little silf Pepper, as well as their galaxy cruiser Strabo.

Brittany and her companions find themselves stranded on Fortitude, a spaceship orbiting their planet. After a mysterious start, they discover that the computer voices coming from the onboard computers are live beings. Yuri is a human trying to rescue his partner Darial from a closed planet. She is a pilot officer on a shuttlecraft that crash-lands on the planet and cannot leave.


Three women arrive on Earth with no memory of who they are or where they come from. Their only contact is on a mobile phone where a male voice guides them.

They have simultaneous dreams about being on a spaceship. They are hatchlings, humans born as adults with artificial memories of an earlier life.

Their findings lead them through a time-space continuum on a voyage of discovery and danger.


Four humans find themselves in a village without knowledge of where they come from or who they are. Memories of a war and a different life flash into their minds that are unrelated to their lives … that is until they meet a farmer who isn’t even human.

A bombed out city is on the other side of the hills is reached though a railway tunnel. However, the city was destroyed a millennium before.


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