About Ross

Ross Richdale is a New Zealand author of over 40 novels, both science fiction and contemporary that are sold as ebooks at all the major outlets.

Our Latest New Zealand novel

Lawyers, Alina Hanlon and Jarin Boyd meet while participating in a white water rafting trip at an in-service retreat for their profession at theWhite Water Lodge. They survive being tossed from a raft and over a waterfall in the upper Rangitikei River of the central North Island in New Zealand and manage to reach a bush hut just before a summer storm arrives.

So begins this romantic thriller about their lives and those in the two Auckland law firms where they work.Silverstone Lawwhere Alina works is an upmarket firm with a devious hidden agenda and corrupt leaders including Titan Silverstone.Jarin, is the owner of a small law firmBoyd and Boydinherited from his father,dealing with mainly family law clients