New Novel

After trying a couple of themes including Science Fiction, I have decided to write another contemporary novel along the lines of but not exactly the same as Turbulence, my latest contemporay novel. It is entitled New Beginnings and centres around a coffee bar that Erika Turner, one of our main characters, has recently established.

But why has she done this after leaving a high profile Associate Principal’s position at a local high school?

Rhett Fleming ,another main character, a lawyer and customer at ‘Brunch & Coffee’ is curious to find out.

The scene above has been made up to get myself motivated, something I have often done when beginning a new novel.

Remote Lands

Stretched Horizons

In New Zealand the small commuter aeroplane British tourists Jenny and Bree fly in crashes in thick bush country. The pilot is killed and they try to survive by themselves. However, all is not lost, for a tramper in the bush, Ray Barnett and his dog, Pattie find them.


After a cave-in at Misty Depths Catacombs, Renee finds herself stranded with a broken ankle and two strangers, Lem, a business man and a runaway teenager, Courtney. They must trust and depend on each other, not knowing whether they will survive the ordeal. The cave is the catalyst but the events depend of Renee, who finds herself drawn into the lives of her companions

Beyond the Fire

Set in the exotic Australian outback, teenagers Abbey and Cooper are in their final year at high school. With problems they’re both trying to escape from, they make the monumental decision to run away together.They’re faced instead with bushfire, criminals on the run and possible murder charges–if they can survive long enough.

Jana Adrift

Jana and Kelsie along with artist Rowan and an elderly couple, Hank and Denise are passengers on a container ship Konstellation on a three month Pacific Ocean cruise. Terrorists attack the ship and strip it. The five hide and later make it to an atoll. Problems arise when they attempt to live together. A month later a boat arrives but it is from North Korea. How do they cope?


Science Fiction

Omega Seed 

The search is over. Computers aboard Starship Omega find a planet that can support humanoid life. It is over populated, polluted and has another problem; forty eight percent of the human population are males, well beyond that needed to maintain the sperm banks.

It is time to prepare and awaken Pazz. Alone, with only an armlet computer for company, she lands in the Australian desert.

Anu Factor

Anu is the last Blue, an advanced humanoid race living in an hallucinatory world that works well.This is until a car accident causes Talbot to discover that his real existence is an empty, derelict township. Also, the dozens of friends and acquaintances he interacts with don’t exist. Anu and a pregnant Erin are the only real people in the town.

But where is the man who impregnated Erin?


Omega Seed

Anu Factor