Affinity And Trust

With the sale of the original publisher, our novel is now avalable  on this site. It has been re-edited and has a new cover.

In the mid 1990s, Zuzana Milenkova, rescued from her fate as a sex slave of a rebel militia group in war-torn Bosnia, finds herself alone in a strange new country. She has emigrated to New Zealand and has anglicised her name to Susan but is that sufficient? There are many obstacles to overcome, a new language to learn, different customs and a new career. She also has to come to terms with the horror of the past before she can move on and create a new future.

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Hatchlings  Three women arrive on Earth from somewhere out there in deep space with no memories of who or why..  Visit a site  

The Other Mrs Hayes Two wives of a bigamist meet.Visit a site

Behind the FIre Two runaway teenagers are caught behind an Australian bush fire, Visit a Site

Stretched Horizons Two English teachers are lost in a New Zealand bush.Visit a site

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Hatchlings – Online at all top outlets

Three women arrive on Earth with no memory of who they are or where they came from. Their only contact is on a mobile phone where a male voice guides them.

They have simultaneous dreams about being on a spaceship. They are hatchlings, humans born as adults with artificial memories of an earlier life.

Their findings lead them through a time-space continuum on a voyage of discovery.

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