Our Latest New Zealand novel

Lawyers, Alina Hanlon and Jarin Boyd meet while participating in a white water rafting trip at an in-service retreat for their profession at theWhite Water Lodge. They survive being tossed from a raft and over a waterfall in the upper Rangitikei River of the central North Island in New Zealand and manage to reach a bush hut just before a summer storm arrives.

So begins this romantic thriller about their lives and those in the two Auckland law firms where they work.Silverstone Lawwhere Alina works is an upmarket firm with a devious hidden agenda and corrupt leaders including Titan Silverstone.Jarin, is the owner of a small law firmBoyd and Boydinherited from his father,dealing with mainly family law clients


All our novels are available as ebooks but we know many of you still like to hold a paperback to read. With thanks to Camcat and Amazon, these are our latest books in paperback format.