Places for Coffee & Chat

Scenes from top left ,clockwise

  1. The new outlet of Coffee & Chat in Downtown Auckland
  2. They branch out into a Kiosk at a local beach.
  3. Their Devonport cart was popular with ferry passengers..
  4. Nicole at the retirement village where she was helping her grand uncle inspect a villa.There were, however, problems.

Coffee & Chat Problems

Clockwise from top left:-

  1. A distressed Nicole sees the vandalism and broken windows in her Coffee & Chat shop.
  2. Floyd opened the door and immediately knew the woman there was determined and angry.
  3. Nicole realised that the car tearing through the surf was heading directly at her.
  4. THe woman in custody was so terrified she wouldn’t even touch the meal offered to her.

Coffee & Chat Changes

Scenes clockwise from top left.

  1. Rhett decides to have a coffee and meets Nicole, thus starting our novel.
  2. Niicole leaves a position as Assistant Principal of Conway Intermediate school in Auckland, New Zealand to start up a coffee bar.
  3. Later in the novel, Nicole returns to Conway Intermediate School as acting principal to help after the principal leaves in disgrace.
  4. She reinstates the end of year grand dance for pupils and attends with Rhett but has to decide whether to apply for the permanent principal’s position there.