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After a cave-in at Misty Depths Catacombs Wyoming, Renee finds herself stranded with a broken ankle and two strangers, Lem, a business man and a runaway teenager, Courtney. They must trust and depend on each other, not knowing whether they will survive the ordeal. The cave is the catalyst but the events depend on the new catalyst, Renee, who finds herself drawn into the lives of her companions.

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Kyla’s Fate Scenes


Contemporary Fiction

Affinity & Trust

In the mid 1990s, Zuzana Milenkova, rescued from her fate as a sex slave of a rebel militia group in war-torn Bosnia, befriends Frazer Winton who breaks through her reserve and fear of men. Their friendliness becomes more intense as she begins to trust humanity again.

But what are these terrible memories and will they haunt her new life in a new land? And can Frazer help or is the hurdle too deep and soul destroying for her to conquer?

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Astrid’s Coast

When her mother dies after an accident, Astrid Stowell moves to the small New Zealand Coromandel Peninsular village of Hook Bay to live with her grandfather, Steve Barton. She has to cope with life in a new environment with old friends’ help and betrayal, a new school to attend for her final high school year and an encounter with the forces of nature.

That is a tsunami builds up in the Pacific Ocean and heads south… directly towards Hook Bay.

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Shadows Behind

It is 1999 and Kosovo refugee Niana Bolsa comes across a tractor and trailer by the roadside with two terrified children hiding there. Determined to save the children, Niana takes them and heads for Albania. With all records destroyed, nobody queries her right to the children and they emigrate to New Zealand.

Matt Coleman is attracted to the new tenant who opens a food bar adjacent to his antique and furniture factory. Eventually, friendship between Niana and Matt blossoms into passionate love as they and her foster children become a family.

But the terror so prevalent in Niana’s past surfaces again–with a vengeance.

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Jana Adrift

On a voyage around the Pacific the container ship Konstellation is attacked by pirates who strip the ship of all its communication and electronic equipment. The five passengers manage to hide in an empty container and escape being caught. They later discover they are alone on the ship. The engine is still going but all communications and navigation gear is destroyed. The Konstellation hits a coral reef and begins to sink. The passengers manage to land on a coral atoll where Jana, her friend, Kelsie, artist Rowan Clardy and an elderly couple, Hank and Denise Thorpe must survive and hope to be rescued.

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Country Life


Snow Bond

When the remote settlement of East Ridge in the South Island of New Zealand is isolated during a snowstorm, Renee and Tyler take in three travellers. Without electricity or mobile phone contact and with all the roads around closed, the five are completely cut off from the world. There, they begin to bond and help one another with problems in their lives.

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Long Valley Road

This fast paced novel combines human emotions of love, empathy, revenge and greed with the sheer force of Mother Nature. The inhabitants of Long Valley Road in New Zealand have their lives changed forever by the events happening around them. Join them and see how an American immigrant family surmount the problems about to descend upon them all.

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Like Twigs in a Storm

While converting a closed country school into a summer batch near Wellington, New Zealand, Steve Garnet meets neighbour, Lavina Ryland. Their friendship soon develops into a romance that hurtles them into danger and changes their lives and the life of Lavina’s daughter, Cathy forever when they are abandoned in remote bush country to fend for themselves.

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The liberated 60s have not reached the shores of New Zealand when Claire, a single pregnant girl is sent up-country to have her child, which is to be adopted out. The Sloane family are strangers who offer to board her through this time. But are they?

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